Adelaide 36ers forward Keanu Pinder’s fury after slipping four times in one game on slippery decals

Slippery NBL decals have officially become a health hazard, with Adelaide 36ers forward Keanu Pinder slipping four times in one game over the weekend.

Pinder took to his personal twitter account after the 36ers’ win over the Brisbane Bullets on Saturday to express his anger about the decals.

“I‘ve slipped on the decal four times in one game . . . now I am in pain,” Pinder said.

Pinder’s fury follows a season of frustration from the players about slippery on-court sponsorship stickers.

Slipped on the Decal 4 times in 1 game…. now I’m in pain.

Last week, NBA-bound Adelaide young-gun Josh Giddey went scarily close to a serious injury.

Giddey slipped on an NBL logo placed in the charge circle under the basket during the third quarter during the 36ers’ loss to the New Zealand Breakers.

Thankfully, the projected first-round NBA draft pick walked away unscathed despite falling awkwardly and grabbing at his thigh while wincing in pain.

The NBL has addressed the issue on several occasions after the Australian Basketball Players’ Association pushed for change.

Back in March, the league declared it will use new decals on courts across Australia for the remainder of the season.

Despite these changes, the NBL logo under the basket remains a safety hazard for players.

The NBL declined to comment when contacted last week following the Giddey incident while the Australian Basketball Players’ Association (ABPA) didn’t offer a comment when contacted.

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