Bjornsson digs out rival Eddie Hall with KO threat after beating Larratt

Hafthor Bjornsson has taken a swipe at Eddie Hall following his win over Devon Larratt in the first round of their exhibition boxing match.

Bjornsson, 32, was supposed to face Hall but the Brit strongman pulled out owing to a tear in his bicep. As a result, the fight has been postponed until next year.

Instead, Larratt, 46, took his place but could get past the first round. The referee felt it necessary to halt the contest as was Larratt overwhelmed with Bjornsson’s attacks.

Following the bout, former Game of Thrones star Bjornsson made a dig at Hall.

He asked the crowd: “You guys know who I want to fight, come on who is it?".

“I know he is at home chilling on the sofa with his popcorn and cola, enjoy your life buddy I am gonna knock you out soon.”

And the strongman heaped on the praise to his competitor. He said: "Thor was full of praise for Devon after their bout.

He said: “My thoughts is just wow.

Devon is such a warrior, he has the biggest heart i know. That guy is something else.

“To only take a fight on only five weeks' notice is brave.”

Hall, meanwhile, said before the fight that he was surprised that Bjornsson decided to undertake Larratt, a champion arm-wrestler, as an opponent.

The Beast said: “Honestly, I never saw it coming. I will say that. I was very random. Devon Larratt is the current world arm wrestling champion I think.

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“Big strong guy and I know Devon, I’m sure he’s an ex-Pat and been in the army for 20-odd years so he’s no stranger to danger. Up for a scrap.

“I think Devon has had a lot more fights in his life. I’ve met him, spoke to him and trained with him. I think he’s used to that environment and that pressure of being in front of crowds with the arm wrestling stuff.

“The first thing that sprung to mind was that Devon has done zero boxing training for at least the last 15 years."

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