‘It’s almost like NBA Wall Street’: Top Shot is having a moment

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Tyrese Haliburton had to think quickly.

The Sacramento Kings were set to meet in five minutes, but Haliburton had heard there was a surprise drop about to hit. He signed on to see where he landed in the virtual queue — in the 3,000s. With more than 100,000 accounts in line behind him, Haliburton knew that if he could just hang on to the spot, he could score the latest Top Shot pack.

But about the team meeting.

“I called over one of the film guys and pulled out my Visa,” Haliburton said. “And I asked him if he could finish the job for me while I went to film. We don’t get any handouts; we’re in line just like everyone else.”

The Top Shot frenzy that has enveloped some sports fans, collectors and speculators over the past few months has also hit NBA players in an unusual way.

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