Simmons’ dangerous live stream gaffe

Australian basketballer Ben Simmons found himself in hot water after accidentally calling for Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker to join the Philadelphia 76ers.

To occupy himself while the NBA is in lockdown amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Simmons has taken to playing some video games in self-isolation.

On Monday, Simmons was taking part in a Q&A session while streaming popular video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. After replying to a few questions, the 23-year-old unknowingly read a comment which could be perceived as tampering.

“I wish Book would come to Philly,” Simmons muttered.

Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker.Source:Getty Images

The NBA has enforced strict anti-tampering rules, preventing players and teams from persuading or enticing athletes under contract with another franchise. The organisation has been known for coming down hard on any public comments that could be considered tampering.

Out of context, Simmons’ comments could be perceived as breaching these regulations, and the Australian quickly backtracked in hope of avoiding any potential fines.

“I’m just reading what’s said, I’m just reading what’s said on my feed,” Simmons pleaded with arms raised, muted laughter audible in the background.

“I’m answering questions, even though that wasn’t a question … I didn’t say it.”

“I wish Book would come to Philly” 😂😂😂

(🎥 @TheBallRealm )

Despite the humorous incident, the prospect of Booker joining superstar Simmons and Joel Embiid at the Sixers is a mouth-watering proposition.

Booker was an NBA All-Star in 2020 and was the NBA Three-Point Contest champion in 2018. This season, the shooting guard averaged 26.1 points per game with the Suns, who had a dismal 26-39 record when the NBA was suspended in March.

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