Wild new sport ‘Car Jitsu’ sees Russian men fight in small vehicles

Men beating lumps out of each other in cars has been turned into a combat sport in Russia.

New concepts of fighting are not unusual in the modern day, with Triad Combat the latest innovative idea whereby rules for fighters combine boxing with MMA.

Proposals for mixed-rules fights are also growing increasingly common, with Muay Thai kickboxer Superbon Banchamek recently calling out Conor McGregor to face him in a bout with unique regulations.

Bare-knuckle boxing has been another variation that has taken off both in America and the UK.

However, the latest craze in eastern Europe takes on a bizarre new dimension, with 'car-jitsu' beginning to rise in popularity.

Inspired by the traditional Brazilian art of jiu-jitsu, two competitors slug it over two rounds inside a car, and any vehicle assets, such as seat belts, mirrors, or a steering wheel, can be legitimately used as a weapon.

Each athlete will start in either the driver or passenger side, and while the prospect of seeing someone choked out with a buckle pressed against their neck, or having their head slammed down on a handbrake, may not appeal to everyone – fights are currently drawing good crowds.

News agency Reuters uploaded a 73-second clip to Twitter explaining how the sport works, including highlights of recent bouts, and the video also included one organiser explaining how the concept works.

"The person on top has the advantage," he explained.

"There are dips there, between the seats, under the steering wheel and so on. The person on top pushes and pushes.

"Also, there is little oxygen in the car, so when you push someone with your knees and wait the person at the bottom has a hard time and it's difficult to escape."

Will car-jitsu take off? Let us know in the comments section.

In the meantime, steward-like figures are stationed close to car windows, presumably ready to open the doors and step in if a fight needs to be stopped.

The post prompted a mixed reaction, with @TokeDK commenting "Gotta be next for Fight Circus."

He wasn't the only one to show cynicism, with @DavidDusseau1 joking "How can we make something even more stupid and ridiculous? Vodka!" while @FentonDisk proposed "Makes smash and grab look benign. Pay gangs in US to compete in car jitsu. Set up a league with Gucci bags as the top prize. Be sure to stage the fights in electric vehicles only."

However, while the new innovative idea is unlikely to cause Dana White sleepless nights just yet, some fans will be intrigued to see how far it gets.

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