Alen Babic? ‘I saw things that I could exploit’, says Tom Little

Tom Little believes he could “nullify” Alen Babic’s explosive run of form – and says they have already agreed to have a post-fight beer together if they collide.

Babic, the protege of Dillian Whyte, has blasted his way through his first four opponents and vowed to end any challenger’s hopes inside the first few rounds.

But the more experienced Little told Sky Sports about Babic’s recent overwhelming stoppage win against Shawndell Winters: “I saw things that I could exploit. The only way we’ll find out is if we fight.

“There are things I believe I would nullify and things that I believe would suit me down to the ground.”

Little referenced being four inches taller and much heavier than Babic: “Bear in mind I’m 6ft 5ins. Whether I’m considered a puncher or not, if you rush forwards at me and let me hit you, I am going to hurt you.

“None of us are robots, none of us are machines, we all feel pain and we are all able to be knocked out.

“I imagine he is tremendously powerful. Me and him fighting would be so old-school it should only be shown on a black and white TV!

“No heavyweight can run away from him for the amount of time you’d need to. You have to anchor down at some point in each round, to let him know that you’re there.

“Me and Alen have said we will spill blood then have a pint of beer together after to celebrate the winner.”

Little, who has shared a ring with Filip Hrgovic, Daniel Dubois and David Price in the past two-and-a-half years, has emerged as a possible next opponent for Babic.

“People are interested in seeing it,” Little said. “People know that, no matter who I’m in against, I don’t come to lie down for anybody.

“It’s a good fight for me.

“I will give you the fight you want. I owe it to everybody to be in good enough shape to give a good account of myself, no matter how the fight goes.

“Babic is a personality. He’s very good for boxing, he’s got a lot of people talking about him.

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