Boxing WILL resume in Britain from February after January ban

Boxing WILL resume again in Britain from February after January circuit breaker… meaning next month’s grudge fight between Amir Khan and Kell Brook will go ahead as planned

  • British boxing authorities announced a January circuit breaker to help the NHS
  • Now fighting will resume in February, the same authorities have confirmed
  • BBoBC general secretary Robert Smith says this is the right decision to make
  • This means Amir Khan’s February 19 fight with Kell Brook will go ahead as normal

Amir Khan’s long-awaited fight with Kell Brook is set to be given the green light to go ahead as planned after the British Board of Boxing Control (BBoBC) revealed the sport will resume in February.  

The Manchester grudge fight is set to take place on February 19 but it was clouded in doubt when British boxing authorities placed a circuit breaker on all fighting throughout January in order to let medics focus on work with the NHS. 

The ban means Chris Eubank Jr’s fight against Liam Williams has been postponed by a week from January 29 to February 5, but BBoBC general secretary Robert Smith revealed that fighting will resume as normal from February 1. 

 Amir Khan’s  (left) grudge fight with Kell Brook (right) will go ahead as planned in February

 The British Board of Boxing Control stopped fighting in January but it will resume next month

‘Come February, they’ll be able to do shows and we’ll take it from there,’ Smith told talkSPORT. ‘I’m confident this is the right thing to do. I’m advised by the doctors, I have to take the advice.

‘If you’ve got the doctors, you need to listen to what they’re saying. Those decisions are hard decisions to make, but that’s why we govern a sport.

‘Other sports are lucky. We’ve got Jurgen Klopp not being able to go to a football match because of COVID, you’ve got players unable to take part in matches because of COVID, but they can be replaced.

‘In boxing, they can’t. Ultimately if something happens with regards to the virus or any contact with anybody, that’s the show finished.

Chris Eubank Jr’s (left) clash with Liam Williams, set for January, will happen on February 5

‘The decision the board have made – which I fully support – is: Let’s have a circuit breaker for a month. It’s only two weeks ultimately because no boxing generally happens in the first two weeks of January.’

Khan and Brook have been intense rivals throughout their respective careers, even though they have never fought in the ring before. 

The pair met when trialling for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, which saw Khan picked ahead of Brook – and the former claims he ‘schooled’ his rival with one hand in sparring.

Sheffield fighter Brook has bitten back at Khan, claiming that the latter has ‘ducked’ out of fights with him due to fears that his reputation will be damaged. 

Khan and Brook have a long-standing rivalry even though they have never fought in the ring 

The pair took part in a tense and brutal press conference at the end of November where they continued their war of words. Brook vowed to finish Khan’s career, with the Bolton fighter claiming he is taking a ‘step down’ to take on his Sheffield rival.

Brook said last year: ‘He’s always seemed to veer off from fighting me, he’s never given me any respect, he’s never acknowledge me, he’s saying “fight this guy and I’ll fight you”, win a world title and I’ll fight you, he’s always run away. 

‘He’s got nowhere else to run now, this is the biggest fight out there for him. It has been so frustrating for me, I’ve been wanting this for many years.’ 

Khan responded: ‘I never ran from Kell, never needed to and what I’ve achieved in the sport speaks for itself.’ 

‘It is like I’m coming levels down, taking this fight. I’ve fought the best around the world, conquered America and for me to give the British fans this fight I am coming levels down. People want to see me punch him in the face and that’s what they’ll see.’ 

The Sheffield fighter responded: ‘He’s living in coocoo land. He’s getting knocked clean out, he needs to go back to being a celebrity. I am going to knock you spark out. 

Brook, like Khan, is a former world champion and the pair previously sparred together 

Brook said he felt disrespected by Khan, who previously said he hadn’t heard of him 

‘I’m going to look over you and say “I told you Amir, I told you I’d knock you spark out”. I’m going to retire you this fight. Believe me if he can remember my name after this fight when he comes around, he will give me respect.’

‘You’re bitter about this celebrity life because what has got me here is my performances,’ Khan snapped back. 

‘You better get in that gym and start training, you look well overweight as you are now. I used to school him in Olympic training camp, the trainers used to say “just go in and use one hand against him today!”

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