Conor McGregor plans to return to Ireland to continue recovery from broken leg

UFC star Conor McGregor says he will fly back to Ireland next month after spending several months in California.

McGregor flew his family over from Ireland to reside in the Beverly Hills Hotel after he broke his tibia at UFC 264 against Dustin Poirier in July.

The Irishman has revealed he is ahead of schedule with his recovery, being able to walk without a boot or cast on his left leg as of last month.

And replying to his longtime teammate Artem Lobov on Twitter, McGregor said he will be back in Ireland next month.

He wrote: "Quality! The Russian Block Hammer…great stuff lads I be back next month".

UFC president Dana White said after McGregor's leg break he wouldn't likely fight again until the summer of 2021.

And despite McGregor's recovery going well, White wants McGregor's leg to be completely healed before he plans another fight.

He told The Australian Daily Telegraph : "Conor seems to be healing up pretty well. The question is when can he start kicking again?

"And more importantly, when can he start taking kicks on that leg? That's the biggest question about Conor McGregor.

"If he could take kicks, then he'd be looking at a fight before the end of the year again; so it all depends on how fast that leg heals."

McGregor recently made headlines for getting into an altercation with singer Machine Gun Kelly – real name Colson Baker – at the MTV Music Video awards.

The Irishman played down the incident by stating he doesn't know who Kelly is – whilst White said there is no bad blood between the pair after speaking with them both on the phone.

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And McGregor recently discussed his recovery when he spoke with Adam Glyn : “I feel like I could kick right now. I honestly feel like I could kick right now.

"But I’m just got to listen to the doctors and listen to the people that guided me, that’s what I’ve done so far. I’ve committed myself to the work. I’m back on the feet. It feels so good to be back on the feet.'

"I'm deep in my recovery. My surgeons, my doctors, my physical therapists didn't want me to come here. They wanted me to stay still and just get the work in.

"But it was an honour to come here and give [Bieber] a shoutout for artist of the year. It's always great to mix in with that [celebrity] crowd, that's not really my world, but to see it, I was in awe of it."

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