Dana White refuses to confirm UFC 249 Indian casino location to keep ‘creepy people’ away

UFC president Dana White is still refusing to give up the location of UFC 249, despite it being widely-reported that the event will take place at an Indian casino on tribal lands in California. White says that ‘creepy people’ will try and stop the show from happening if they find out.

The New York times reported on Tuesday that the Tachi Palace Casino Resort in California will play host to Tony Ferguson’s interim work title bout with Justin Gaethje.

Khabib Nurmagomedov was originally supposed to fight Ferguson but he’s now stuck in Russia on lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Gaethje stepped up and the event will go ahead without fans at the new unconfirmed location.

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White says that he believes people will try hand stop the controversial event from taking place if they find out where it’s being held.

“We’re going to be live from ESPN,” White told ESPN Get Up!

“It doesn’t matter where it is. First of all, no fans can come. You can’t come to the fight, you can’t buy a ticket.


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“The only place to watch this in the United States is on ESPN and that’s the only thing that matters.

“I know that several news sources are putting out places where they think it is.

“ESPN is where it is. That’s all you need to know.”

And White showed more stubbornness on the matter when pressed by the reporter on where UFC 249 would be taking place.


  • Eddie Hearn calls Dana White’s UFC 249 and plans ‘bad taste’

“ESPN,” he reiterated when asked about the location again.

“There’s a lot of creepy people out there, you know?

“And when they find out the location, they start attacking the location and making phone calls.

“So (keeping the location a secret) keeps the creeps at bay.”

White also confirmed that he has a private island with infrastructure being completed on it where bouts will be held for the UFC’s international fighters.

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