Eubank opens up on heartbreaking death of son Seb and says "he is still with me"

Chris Eubank has opened up on the heartbreaking death of his son Sebastian three months on from his death and has said "he is still with me".

Sebastian died of a heart attack while in Dubai in July at the age of 29, just a few weeks after celebrating the birth of his son, Raheem Sebastian.

Former middleweight world champion Eubank reflected on his son's life and paid tribute to Sebastian, who won his two professional bouts before also competing in mixed martial arts.

Eubank hailed his late son as a "warrior" and a "true champion" as he opened up on his son's passing.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, Eubank said: “We have to be objective, what have I learned, what have I seen that can possibly actually give people a view of a mindset you should have.

“I look at the life of Sebastian. Sebastian was a true champion, my son was a warrior in that he was out there to help the poor, the disenfranchised, he was there to help the youth.

“He took part in a revolution in Sudan, he was big on Africa. Now I’m taking that on with his wife, his child, Raheem Sebastian.

“I rejoice for my son. I’m on television now so I’ve got to be objective, ok, so I’m not going to break down.

“It's very easy, ok, there’s two views with my son. The physical, I will never get over, no parent can ever get over because you’ve invested all this time from birth to 29."

Eubank admitted that he will never recover from his son's death, but revealed that he still feels his son with him.

“All this time, all this energy, all this love and then he’s gone. So you can’t recover from that," he added.

“But, the inner you, if you know the spirit world and you believe in the spirit world, my son is with me. So, I rejoice, I rejoice."

Eubank also went on to explain: “My son was awesome and I didn’t know particular parts of him, but it's all coming back now, hearing it through the people of who he was."

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