Floyd Mayweather says British fans ‘don’t want to spend money’ after empty fight

Floyd Mayweather blamed the poor turnout at the O2 Arena on British fans not wanting to spend any money.

The boxing great took on former Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers in an exhibition clash in the capital. Mayweather gave the mixed-martial artist a boxing lesson, ducking and weaving out of the way of his attacks, before finding time in between rounds to dance with the ring girls.

However, despite all of the shenanigans in the ring, the biggest talking point was the lack of bums on seats in the venue.

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“I don’t point fingers,” Mayweather said when asked why there were so little fans in the crowd. “We work together as a team.

“When you buy tickets over here, you don’t really want to spend money. In America we don’t mind spending money.” The opening fight on the boxing undercard was delayed as the O2 Arena was almost empty in the stands and on the concourses.

Promoters, struggling to flog tickets for the event, even offered punters a 20% discount to try to bring them in. While fans did eventually make their way into the arena, there were still plenty of empty seats around the O2 Arena. However, Mayweather did not want to throw his promotion team under the bus.

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“We did this in one month – not even four weeks,” he added. “I think the tickets should’ve gone on sale a lot faster.

“My new team is still learning. I have got to take my hat off to them, it’s not their fault. It’s just when we fight in the US, as soon as we announce the fight, tickets are on sale.

“Here, we announced the fight and the tickets didn’t go on sale until a week or two weeks later.”


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