Inside Tommy Fury decision to fight Jake Paul and how he is under big pressure

Why is Tommy Fury is fighting a YouTuber?

The question really is why shouldn’t he? Any other professional fighter with a 7-0 record wouldn’t say no.

Why? Because of the ridiculous money on offer to fight a raw novice in Jake Paul.

It won’t do anything to help Fury’s world title ambitions. But it will boost his bank balance significantly and increase his profile even further.

It’s a no brainer. As long as he wins. And he should do it easily, otherwise he may as well hang up his gloves.

Fury has said so himself, so has his brother Tyson and his dad John. They’re two people you don’t want to let down.

There is an argument that Paul shouldn’t have a professional boxing licence. He has done nothing to earn it.

The loud-mouth internet star is 24, he has no amateur record and no desire to make a career out of the sport. All he is in it for is cashing out as much money as possible from his fame.

That shouldn’t be allowed. Only in the wild west of boxing is it.

It’s supposed to be a sport, not show business. He has had four fights and none against a boxer. It’s a circus, a vulgar one at that.

Someone will get hurt soon if these events are allowed to continue.

But Fury, 22, has been offered a golden ticket to the show and he should comfortably bring an end to the nonsense.

If you think Fury should have ignored the call outs from the YouTube sensation then think of this;

Most professionals heading into their eight fight over eight rounds could expect to pick up a purse of around £15,000 if they’re lucky.

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Fury’s exact pay is still unknown but it is well documented that he turned down £1m for the fight, which will take place in Tampa on December 18.

So you can safely assume he is earning well into the seven figures for a fight against someone who has never boxed a boxer.

It sounds too good to be true.

Fury is obviously only in this position because he brings interest himself.

He is the brother of the WBC heavyweight champion and has become well known in celebrity circles thanks to his stint on ITV reality TV show Love Island which has led to an ongoing relationship with one of his fellow contestants.

Paul hasn’t just plucked some random British light-heavyweight to have a rumble with.

What does it do for Fury’s career? Not a lot.

It certainly won’t lift him up in any rankings. He should be pursuing fights to get him closer to English and British titles.

That is if he has true ambitions of becoming a world champion like his older brother.

Beating Paul will enhance interest in him from a different market. The weird world of YouTube.

Will they suddenly convert to boxing fans? Unlikely. Don’t expect a load of them to rock up at York Hall or somewhere demanding to see Fury in action.

But the exposure in the US will be huge and that can only do good things for Fury.

There are negatives, though. He’s under huge pressure. He can deny it if he wants but anything other than a comprehensive stoppage of Paul will severely damage his reputation in the boxing world.

Should he win comfortably, there will also be the question of how he will motivate himself when he has to return to more mundane events.

With millions in the bank, it will be hard to get up to train for a fight in front of a couple of thousand with a few less zeroes on the pay cheque.

But first he must get the job done and in style. Then he can start worrying about the future.

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