Jake Paul and Tommy Fury risk jail time for breaking Saudi law days before fight

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    Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have risked potential jail time in Saudi Arabia for betting on their fight.

    The boxers agreed on a winner-takes-all deal in their final press conference ahead of meeting in the ring this Sunday (February 26). While it may seem like harmless fun, all forms of betting are illegal in the country they're fighting in.

    Middle Eastern law expert James Dorsey confirmed to Daily Star Sport the pair had broken the Saudi law, but explained it's unlikely to be enforced. He said: "Essentially, yes it is illegal, but what does it matter?

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    "In other words, premarital cohabitation is banned in Saudi Arabia, and I think that's your comparison.

    "If you and I made a bet with each other in Saudi Arabia, unless we made it public, or somebody is aware of it who makes it public, then nobody knows.

    "To be fair, that is the case in the West too. You can break the law in the West and that would not be known unless somebody credible makes it known."

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    Paul challenged Fury to the bet when he said: "I think we make a deal then since you're so confident. If you win, I'll pay you double what I'm paying you already. But if I win I take everything that I'm paying you, deal or no deal since you're so confident?"

    Fury didn't look so confident, taking a sip of his drink before trying to change the subject as he replied: "Why are you going to stand up like you want to do something? Sit back down, sit back down. What are you going to do."

    But his dad John then accepted the bet on his behalf. "You've dealt, you've got a deal. All or nothing, you've got it," big John said, while Tommy sharply turned around in apparent shock.


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