Jake Paul fight "fixed" claim fans who notice "something off" about Woodley KO

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Some fans are absolutely convinced that Jake Paul's fight against Tyron Woodley was fixed, despite the brutal knockout in the sixth round.

'The Problem Child' struck his opponent with a savage right hand, flooring him instantly before the referee called for the bell.

The 24-year-old remains undefeated and extended his professional record to 5-0, though some fans were still unimpressed.

After getting cut open above his right eye in the third, Paul looked to be under pressure, but Woodley failed to capitalise on the advantage.

With his opponent clearly there for the taking, fans began to suspect that Woodley was holding back, intentionally.

One fan said they thought the way Woodley fell was suspicious, writing: "There was something so off about the way he fell and how his body looked. Definitely fixed."

"Whoever still thinks Jake paul fights are not fixed you need help. Every time Wooley has him he backs up not to finish it," one fan wrote on Twitter.

"Cant convince me this fight wasn’t fixed, a terrible fight all around and then one punch from Jake Paul doesn’t stun you but immediately knocks you out on your feet? Done watching these fights," another fan said in a scathing assessment.

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Another said: "If this fight's not fixed Paul gets knocked TF out tonight."

Even the match commentators were perplexed, with one saying he felt "nobody wants it" after noting that "the fight is there for the taking" in the fourth round.

The second added that it was "pretty tough to watch" due to neither man truly going for a knockout, and that there "had not been a good, clean shot all night".

Boos even began to ring out around the arena as the crowd started getting impatient.

After the fight, Paul took aim at Tommy Fury for pulling out of the fight with just weeks of notice.

He called the ex-Love Island star a "b****" and heaped praise on Woodley for stepping in instead.

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