John Fury opens up on THAT clash with Jake Paul in Dubai

John Fury opens up on his clash with Jake Paul… claiming the YouTuber ‘had a lot to say’ despite having achieved ‘jack s**t’ in boxing… before stating an ‘elite boxer’ like Tommy Fury would knock him ‘the f*** out!’

  • John Fury clashed with Jake Paul at a boxing event in Dubai earlier this month
  • Paul was commentating on Tommy Fury’s exhibition bout with Rolly Lambert
  • John, 58, took off his shirt after the fight and challenged Paul to get in the ring
  • The 58-year-old said he called Paul out because he ‘had a lot to say’ ringside
  • John said Paul has achieved ‘jack s**t’ and that he would be ‘knocked the f*** out’

John Fury clashed with Jake Paul after Tommy Fury’s exhibition bout with Rolly Lambert in Dubai earlier this month.  

Paul was on commentary for the fight and was heard screaming ‘you’re f***ing s**t’ and ‘you’ve got no d**k’ at Tommy while the exhibition was taking place.

John didn’t take too kindly to Paul’s comments and made his feelings known after the fight. He ripped off his shirt and demanded a fight with the YouTuber-turned-boxer – claiming he wouldn’t leave the ring until Paul took him on. 

John Fury clashed with Jake Paul after Tommy Fury’s exhibition bout with Rolly Lambert 

Speaking about the incident, Fury said – via Freebets: ‘Jake’s had a lot to say, and men meet before mountains. He had his chance to showcase what he was about, and he let himself down miserably. 

‘He showed he didn’t want to fight Tommy. He wouldn’t even get in the ring. He was terrified, he kept walking backwards, coming out with all sorts of rubbish. The kid doesn’t want to fight Tommy, it’s going to be another Tyson AJ with him.

‘One man wants to fight but another doesn’t. In that case what can you do? It’s not about the money with Jake Paul, the man just doesn’t want to lose to Tommy and Tommy will knock him out.

‘What you saw in the exhibition, Tommy had to put the brakes on all night. I was telling him not to go mad, the opponent has done us a favour in stepping at very short notice and it’s an exhibition.

John (right) took the ring following Tommy’s (left) last-minute bout with the 33-year-old boxer

John (right) ripped his shirt off and demanded Paul (left) joined him in the ring for a fight 

‘It wasn’t our fault – we went over there to do a demolition job on Paul Bamba which would have happened. Only those in camp with us know how powerful Tommy is and how devastating he hits. He hits very hard, and Jake Paul is terrified.

‘Jake thinks he’s the A-side and he’s not – the Fury’s are. Jake has made his money from YouTube; our boys are chiselled fighters who’ve made their living through the sport of boxing. Whatever it is with gloves on, that puts us in the lead as that’s what we do. We are pugilists.

‘You could offer Jake Paul a billion dollars and he wouldn’t fight Tommy. He’s only interested in being associated with our name. Jake Paul is the A-side to jack s**t. I’ve seen what he was like up close and personal. 

Tommy and Paul have been linked with a highly-anticipated fight on several occasions

‘I had a spare roll of toilet paper on me for him. I said, ‘I better pop this in, in case Jake Paul needs it’. 

‘So, I had it in my bag and I was tempted to throw it at him to be honest with you, but I took pity on him. I don’t want to talk about him anymore, he’s a bum in my eyes and from another world.

‘When he meets a real fighter like Tommy Fury, he’s getting knocked the f*** out!’.

Paul clashed with John after Tommy’s exhibition bout with Lambert on the undercard of Floyd Mayweather vs Deji in Dubai.

Tommy’s exhibition with Lambert was organised at short-notice after his professional bout with Paul Bambe was axed last minute due to a dispute over the weight of the fight.

Paul was on commentary for the fight and was heard screaming ‘you’re f***ing s**t’ and ‘you’ve got no d**k’ at Tommy while the exhibition was taking place.

Tommy’s last professional fight (right) was in April when he beat Daniel Bocianski (left) on the undercard of his older brother Tyson’s world title fight against Dillian Whyte

Fury responded throughout the fight, calling his long-term rival a ‘b***h’ during the third round of his six-round clash. But it was after the fight that the furious exchange between Paul and both Tommy and John began.

It started with John, who climbed inside the ring, ripped off his shirt and implored Paul to join him in the squared circle, shouting: ‘Forget my son, I’m the king of the bare-knuckle man.’

Paul, meanwhile, responded with: ‘You’re a miserable old man. Come fight me right now then.’

Tommy Fury, who is now without a professional fight since his six-round points win over Daniel Bocianski in April, then joined the equation, stating: ‘There’s a certain b***h from ringside that I want in the ring now.

‘Tell him to get in here because he would never have the b***h to get in here and fight a man of this calibre on a few hours notice.’

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