Logan Paul: 'Pipsqueak' Mayweather 'sparring trash' amid sparring pics

Logan Paul claims ‘pipsqueak’ Floyd Mayweather is ‘sparring trash’ despite menacing training photos from the American boxing icon… as YouTube boxer predicts June 6 fight will be the ‘worst day’ of the Money’s life

  • Logan Paul will face Floyd Mayweather in a June 6 exhibition fight in Miami 
  • Fireworks and scuffles have already emerged between the two camps this month
  • Mayweather posted some images of him sparring and making his partner bleed
  • Paul has mocked the American over the photos as the bickering continues 

Logan Paul has continued his taunting of Floyd Mayweather by mocking the American boxing icon’s sparring preparations ahead of their June 6 fight. 

The YouTube star-turned-boxer will face the 50-0 ex-professional in an exhibition encounter at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, with five-weight world champion Mayweather posting images of him making his sparring partner bleed this week.

Paul not only blasted Mayweather over the images but also predicted that June 6 will be the ‘worst day’ of the 44-year-old’s life. 

Logan Paul (right) continued his taunting of Floyd Mayweather (left) by mocking his sparring

Mayweather posted images of him splattered in blood while training for the June 6 fight

The YouTuber said in a social media video: ‘Floyd Mayweather is so excited that he made someone bleed in sparring. He posted the same picture twice from the same day, he’s so excited.

‘Hey champ, you’re not the only person who makes people bleed in sparring. Who are you sparring bro? You’re sparring trash.

‘You pipsqueak. June 6 is going to be the worst day of your life dog. I’m going to make this so hard for you.’

Paul (left) claims he also makes his training partners bleed in training and vows to win the fight

Tempers have already flared between the two competitors over the June 6 fight, with Paul’s younger brother Jake stealing Mayweather’s hat during a face-off in Miami earlier this month. 

Speaking at the time, Mayweather implied that he didn’t need to form much of a gameplan to defeat his opponent stating to Barstool Sports: ‘[I have] no strategy. I’ve just got to show up.’

But according to his long-term training partner Denis Doughlin, Mayweather has stepped up his preparations after the clash and is ‘p*****’ off at the Paul brothers. 

This month, Mayweather clashed with Paul’s younger brother Jake (right) who stole his hat

Mayweather is ‘p*****’ off with the Paul brothers ahead of the fight, says his training partner

‘I think Floyd thought taking his hat was disrespectful and it looks like it has lit a fire under him from what I saw at the gym,’ Doughlin told Betway Insider. ‘I was very impressed. I think that had to do with the Paul brothers p****** him off. 

‘Floyd’s one of the greatest in the world – but I didn’t think that he was going to train intensely for this. But now they’ve p***** him off now, so he’s turning it up. What I saw today from Floyd was very impressive.

‘I was blown away. I was expecting him to do a cookie cutter workout, shadow box and spar someone really bad just to stay active. That’s what I was expecting.

‘But I came into the gym at around midnight and the energy and atmosphere in the gym felt like a real Mayweather fight. Floyd looked great, man – he didn’t miss a beat. Floyd’s going to teach him boxing’s an art.’

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