Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Watch a live stream of the opening hour before coverage continues on Sky Sports Box Office

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul is tonight on Sky Sports Box Office – and you can watch the opening hour on a live stream.

Sky customers: Buy Mayweather vs Logan Paul
Non-Sky customers: Buy Mayweather vs Logan Paul

The five-weight world champion faces the social media star in an epic exhibition bout, with live coverage starting at midnight on Sky Sports Box Office.

You can watch unencrypted coverage for an hour before the action continues in Miami, live on Sky Sports Box Office.

Logan Paul has vowed to ruin the boxing legend’s legacy when they share the ring at the Hard Rock Stadium.


“He’s not ready, he don’t know what to expect, and this is not the biggest fight of my life,” the YouTube star told Showtime Sport.

“This is the biggest fight of his life, because he’s got a lot on the line and he’s got everything to lose. I’m going to go in there, have fun.

“Tomorrow I break the simulation and beat the greatest boxer in the history of the planet.”

But Mayweather has vowed to deliver a harsh lesson to Logan Paul.

“I’ve fought every different style you can possibly fight,” he told Showtime Sport.

“Height don’t win fights, weight don’t win fights, fighting wins fights at the end of the day and I can fight.”

Watch Mayweather v Logan Paul on Sunday, live on Sky Sports Box Office, from midnight. Book it via your Sky remote or book it online here. Non-Sky TV subscribers can book and watch it here.

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