McGregor claims Khabib faked father's health problems to avoid fights

‘A cover up to hide the lack of activity and the pulling out of fights and running away’: Conor McGregor sensationally claims Khabib Nurmagomedov has faked his father’s health problems to avoid UFC fights… before deleting the comment on Instagram

  • Khabib’s father Abdulmanap is currently in hospital recovering from a stroke 
  • However, Conor McGregor has made a sensational claim on social media 
  • In response to Khabib’s cousin Abubakar, McGregor said it is all a cover-up
  • Nurmagomedov himself has not yet responded to McGregor’s shocking claim

Conor McGregor has accused Khabib Nurmagomedov of faking his father’s life-threatening health problems to avoid fighting in the UFC, before later deleting the comment on social media. 

Nurmagomedov’s father Abdulmanap is currently being treated in a military hospital in Moscow as he recovers from a stroke which was brought about after contracting coronavirus. 

Khabib announced earlier in the week that his father’s condition was still ‘serious’, but long-term rival McGregor – who a few weeks ago revealed that he was retiring from MMA – seemingly has his doubts, after posting a comment on Khabib’s cousin Abubakar’s latest Instagram post, which has also since been deleted. 

Khabib Nurmagomedov (R) confirmed his father Abdulmanap (L) is still in a serious condition

Conor McGregor has claimed Abdulmanap’s illness has all been a cover-up by Khabib

‘I figured it was all just a cover up about Abdulmanap,’ McGregor said in the now-deleted post.

‘A cover up to hide the lack of activity and the pulling out of fights and running away. Good luck but remember – Allah sees all!’ 

McGregor was responding to a social media post by Abubakar of Khabib dominating the Irishman during the former’s win at UFC 229 in October 2018, which has also now been deleted, captioned: ‘When it’s coronavirus and you can’t breathe.’    

Khabib himself has not yet responded to McGregor’s claim, but did offer a detailed update on his father earlier in the week, confirming that the coronavirus has led to consequences for his heart and kidneys.

McGregor posted the comment to Abubakar’s Instagram, with both posts since deleted

Khabib has confirmed that coronavirus has had consequences to his dad’s kidneys and heart

‘His condition is still serious, he’s still in intensive care,’ said Khabib, as quoted by

‘The coronavirus itself is behind him, but the virus has had consequences for his kidneys and his heart. As for the virus, there’s no need to worry, only about the other consequences.’

The UFC lightweight champion went on to reveal how he visits his father every day at the hospital in an effort to re-establish communication with him.

He added: ‘I visit him, he recognises me, but there’s no communication because he’s connected to [medical] devices.

Conor McGregor actually sent his best wishes to the Nurmagomedov family back in May

‘Every day they let me in, I spend half an hour [with him], I hold his hand. When I ask: “Father, do you recognize me?” He gestures and lets me know.’  

However, what makes McGregor’s latest comment even more bizarre is that he wished Abdulmanap well last month, saying: ‘Praying for the recovery of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov. A man responsible for more world champions, across multiple fighting disciplines, than we even know.

‘A true martial genius! Very saddened upon hearing this news tonight. Praying for the Nurmagomedov family at this time.’

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