Mike Tyson vs Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury talk addressed after impressive comeback

Mike Tyson jokes that he’s a ‘beginner’ boxer

Mike Tyson showed he is still the powerful monster in the ring with his impressive exhibition bout against Roy Jones Jr last month. The Iron’s incredible display at the age of 54 has led to some suggestions he could still battle with the best of them.

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury currently share the world heavyweight titles and are hoping to unify the division in 2021.

Fury won his WBC belt with a dominant display against Deontay Wilder earlier this year. AJ holds the remaining WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO straps.

Eddie Hearn is working on getting the two champions into the ring in 2021.

But there have also been murmurs behind the scenes that Mike Tyson should test his hand against the pair.

However, former cruiserweight world champion Amer Abdallah is unsure if Tyson should be looking to take on fighters who are in their peak.

“Look, Mike Tyson is 54 years old,” he told World Boxing News. “Before answering that question, I think it’s important to ask why we asked the question.

“The reason we do is that we have yet to see a heavyweight sensation as dominant as Mike since his time. “So as soon as he does an exhibition, we immediately jump to throwing him in with guys half his age and at their prime.

“I think Mike has done enough in his career. He’s done enough for his legacy not to have to be asked those kinds of questions.”

Video’s have emerged of Tyson returning to training following his draw with Jones Jr. Boxing fans have taken that as a hint that another exhibition bout could be on the cards.

Abdallah continued: “If he would like to fight for the sake of his passion for the game, entertainment, and thrill of fighting, he can do whatever he wants and fight anyone he wants.

“I assure you everyone will still tune in regardless of who it is. But for anything to happen at this stage of his life and for us to have that overshadow what he did during his prime would be a huge injustice to him.”

There were questions raised over why a 54-year-old man wanted to get punched in the face upon Tyson’s return to action.

“I think the fight was great for boxing! Two living legends,” Abdallah reflected.

“Two icons that the boxing world has watched throughout their careers. They still show the same passion. “They showed determination as they did during their prime. It was so inspirational.

“The fight itself turned out to be very entertaining. It was a high action fight. It was just amazing to see these guys performing at this stage of their lives.”

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