MMA fighter KOs opponent with sickening knee to the head during weigh-in

An MMA fighter knocked out his unknowing opponent with a knee to the head during the weigh-in ahead of an event in Belarus.

The unidentified fighters were going through the pre-fight motions at the weigh-in when one of them decided to go rogue.

He suddenly leapt into the air and struck his unknowing opponent square in the head, immediately knocking him out cold at the Zames Fight Club.

Footage posted by RT Sport News shows one fighter strike the other with a flying knee to the face, with the attacker appearing to measure his opponent from across the room.

Before the victim could even properly adjust his hat ahead of the weigh-in, he found himself laid out on the floor from the knee of the ruthless fighter.

The premeditated attack left the victim helpless and unconscious on the floor, and it could have gotten worse for the fighter had security not intervened.

The attacker was quickly whisked off by several large members of security while others attended to the condition of the other fighter, who had slumped to the ground.

Fans on Instagram labelled the attack as ‘cowardly’ while others suggested he should be banned.

One commented: ‘need to cancel his licence straight away’.

It is not the first time we've seen stare-downs at weigh-ins between fighters get heated and explosive.

Ex-MMA fighter Paige Vanzant got caught up in a ferocious clash with Britain Hart before her Bare Knuckle boxing debut at Knucklemania.

Vanzant lunged for Hart's throat at their weigh-in after Hart appeared to edge rather aggressively towards her face, forcing security to get involved and break the pair up.

It was a similar scenario when Alen Babic and Mark Bennett began slapping one another at the weigh-in ahead of their boxing bout earlier this month.

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