Tommy Fury makes Jake Paul knockout prediction as fight talks continue

Tommy Fury has predicted a first round stoppage of Jake Paul should the two ever finally meet inside the boxing ring.

The pair seemed to be on a collision course when Fury was announced to fight on the undercard of Paul's recent win over ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

But after a lacklustre performance in his four-round unanimous decision win over Paul's training partner and MMA veteran Anthony Taylor, the shine was slightly taken off the fight.

However, with a rematch against Woodley looking increasingly unlikely for Paul, the bout appears to be back on the table, with Fury saying he would handily defeat the YouTube star.

"It wasn't the best performance but we got the win so that's all that matters," Fury told TMZ in Los Angeles after his win over Taylor.

"We should be back over here in the next four or five months fighting again so there's a lot to look forward to."

And asked who he will be fighting next, Fury indicated that he is still very interested in a meeting in the ring with "the main man" Paul, with whom he has shared a war of words in recent months.

"It should be the main man himself," Fury said. "That's why they [Showtime] have got me over here in the first place.

"We'll see… I think they're trying to prolong the fight as long as they can because everybody knows he's not ready, it's a big step up for him.

"But don't have me on your undercard, promoting and using my name if you're not ready to fight.

"He's never going to be ready to face me, so he might as well get it over with, but look I don't know, it is what it is.

"He's doing his thing, he's had three or four fights now, he's talking a good game so let's back it up and get in there!"

Fury struggled to get through MMA fighter Taylor, but believes that it is Paul whose wins over fighters from the other sport are hurting his credibility in the sport.

"Everybody wants to see the fight, the whole world is talking about it so let's get it on," Fury continued. "Nobody wants to see you fight more MMA guys.

"He's in the sport of boxing and until he fights a legitimate boxer like myself he won't be taken seriously as a boxer.

"He's fighting MMA guys at the minute, if he wants to go and be an MMA fighter why not go and do that?"

The bout could take place as soon as this year, with Paul's team looking to get him out once more before the start of 2022, and Fury believes it is a mega-fight that could earn both men massive paydays.

"UK vs USA, it's a mega, mega, mega-fight and for him it's a big money fight because I know he's bothered about those pound signs," he continued.

"There's no losses here, it's a win-win for everybody, the only thing he needs is to grow a pair of balls and come and see me, until then, stop talking s***.

"My message to Jake Paul, like it always is, is 'stop talking s***, stop using my name for some boxing clout and let's get in the ring and let's fight'."

And in terms of the result, the former Love Island star believes that he would handily defeat Paul, despite struggling to hurt his considerably smaller sparring partner Taylor.

"It would be over inside a round," he proclaimed.

"From what I've seen against Tyron Woodley, he's scared to throw a punch when he's in with someone who could knock him out.

"He doesn't want to commit, he took one shot and he almost fell through the ropes.

"From what I've seen the other day, I'd have my hands up, walk straight to him and get him out of there inside three minutes."

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