Tyson Fury mockingly lists Deontay Wilder’s ‘26 excuses’ for brutal defeat

Tyson Fury has mocked Deontay Wilder for his '26 excuses' for his defeat in last year's rematch.

The pair will complete their trilogy tonight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, 19 months after their second bout which Fury won by seventh-round stoppage.

Fury and Wilder have been at loggerheads since their first bout was announced for December 1 in 2018, but Wilder appeared to have accepted defeat in the ring after losing to Fury last year.

But he has since made a number of excuses, some particularly outlandish, for why he lost the fight.

Fury, in a social media post, mocked Wilder for his myriad of theories for his first career defeat. "No excuses… But," it read, before listing the bizarre reasons Wilder says that he lost.

"Costume was too heavy, Fury's gloves were loaded, I had weak legs, my water was spiked, Fury's gloves had no padding.

"I had bicep surgery, I was a zombie, disloyal trainer, complications in camp, I had an autopsy, I broke my arm, fight was stopped too early.

"Andre Dirrell's fault, ref did a s*** job, snakes in the grass, dent in my head."

The list continued to include a number of the more outrageous suggestions Wilder has made.

He has claimed that Fury stuffed his glove with an egg weight, which if true would have to be one of the greatest conspiracies in boxing history.

Fury, his coaches, the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the World Boxing Council, any television broadcasters and Wilder's own coach Jay Deas would have to have been in the conspiracy for the Brit to pull off such an elaborate cheat.

The list continues: "Egg weight in gloves, Fury was covered in oil, Ricky Hatton pulled glove down.

"I injured my bicep, I broke my hand, Fury's fist wasn't in the glove, Fury took PEDs [performance-enhancing drugs], Fury did voodoo magic, I had the flu, I was poisoned."

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Wilder wouldn't be drawn when Fury questioned his claims at a press conference this week, but did say after the event that he felt Fury had a "guilty conscience".

"He kept coming back to the allegations and the cheating, that's because of guilt," Wilder said in an interview with Blue Blood Sports.

"It's a guilty conscience and when it comes to a guilty conscience you're going to try to explain and try to do certain things because the cat's out of the bag, man."

Wilder and Fury's intense rivalry is likely to come to a close regardless of tonight's result, with the WBC ordering either an undisputed fight with Oleksandr Usyk or a mandatory title defence against Dillian Whyte for the winner.

With Usyk contractually obligated to a rematch with Anthony Joshua for his unified heavyweight titles, it's likely that the winner will face Whyte in their next defence, assuming he overcomes Otto Wallin later this month.

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