Tyson Fury’s pudding is secret weapon that gives him "turbo" boost in the ring

Boxing champ Tyson Fury has a secret weapon – scoffing Jam Roly Poly gives him knockout power.

Father John revealed the unbeaten Gypsy King swears by the stodgy pud and can’t get enough of it during training for his big fights.

John, 58, who is super fit and does 10 kilometre runs, said he and his other boxing son Tommy, 23, a former Love Island contestant, all eat it for a “turbo” boost.

John, also a former professional boxer, said they all eat healthy food but that Jam Roly Poly gives Tyson something extra.

He said: “I know what to eat when I’m fighting and I’m still jogging 10k runs now.

“Plenty of vegetables, plenty of potatoes, plenty of pasta, plenty of rice, plenty of oats, plenty of nuts, plenty of fish.

“I do like a Jam Roly Poly for pudding afterwards too. It works for me. Tommy does it, Tyson does it too. I makes us go like we’ve had a turbo put in us.”

Jam Roly Poly is a traditional British pudding created in the 19th century and is a flat-rolled suet pudding which is spread with jam and rolled up and then steamed or baked.

It used to be steamed in old shirt sleeves to give it its roly poly appearance and is sometimes nicknamed shirt-sleeve pudding or dead man’s arm pudding. It is packed with calories needed for gruelling boxing training sessions.

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Fury, 33, who retired after knocking out Dillian Whyte at Wembley stadium in April, has sensationally announced his ring return.

The champ, who has a record of 32 wins, no defeats and one draw, said he would only fight again for a mammoth purse and promotor Frank Warren has promised to deliver one.

He looks set to fight the winner of the rematch between Anthony Joshua and Ukrainian world champion Oleksandr Usyk.

If Joshua beats the Ukrainian, who dethroned him last year (2021) it could set up the richest fight in British boxing history between the two Brits.

Speaking to betting website freebets.com, John said dieticians made healthy eating too complicated.

He added: “You can complicate matters, can’t you? All I’ve done is eat eat good, solid food all my life. As long as you eat clean and keep it clean it’s not rocket science.

“They might want to make it complicated and dress it up. Boxing is as easy as you want to make it and as hard as you want to make it.

“Tyson has the best strength and conditioners out there and the best cook in the world.”

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