UFC heavyweight Francis Ngannou punches man in his groin in new Jackass film

UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has punched a man in the groin during the latest episode of film franchise Jackass Forever.

The Cameroon star is the leading fighter in the UFC's top division and will defend his title against Cyril Gane later this month.

He is currently exploring new ventures outside of the UFC with his contract set to expire after his latest defence including boxing.

However his latest appearance is on the next episode of movie franchise Jackass where he is seen punching a member of the crew in the groin.

The scene will be aired in the movie which is the latest in the long-standing series where pranksters play crazy tricks on each other.

The 35-year-old spoke about his role in the movie : "That’s the craziest thing that I’ve ever seen. Man, I had to punch somebody in the nuts, I did it the first time, [they’re like] ‘Listen man, we know you.

"People know that you’re the hardest puncher in the world. It wasn’t hard enough.’ I was like ‘Are you kidding me? Like, I’m nervous. I don’t know, I could hurt this guy, did he at least have kids or something already?”

The poor man was seen doubled up in agony after the punch with the film set to be released in cinemas later this year as the final instalment of the series.

Ngannou is considered one of the most powerful punchers in the UFC and is currently sitting at the pinnacle of the division as undefeated.

He has been told by UFC president Dana White however that he could be free to leave upon the expiration of his current deal.

The champion has frequently hinted at a switch to boxing after unleashing his punching power including a crossover bout with Tyson Fury.

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Fury has made an offer to Ngannou for the bout with the British star proposing a use of boxing rules while wearing MMA gloves.

Ngannou swiftly agreed to meet 'The Gypsy King' in the ring but wants a reversal of the rules as he looks to seek a bumper payday.

With a lack of lucrative recent fights, Ngannou is seeking higher reward in the iron square after pointing out Fury's recent £13 million purse for his trilogy with Deontay Wilder.

He believes he is capable of beating Fury and Wilder and is willing to continue to test himself at the highest level.

UFC analyst Brendan Schaub is confident Ngannou's raw power will cause a stoppage dilemma for Fury if the pair organise an illustrious meeting.

"You could go test the free agency and sign a deal with Bellator or Rizin or One Championship or PFL or Bare Knuckle or something like that," Schaub said on his latest episode of The Schaub Show.

"And you have a stipulation in your contract where you can fight Fury and Wilder and Joshua.

"Nobody's going to sign a one-fight deal to fight Francis Ngannou. There's going to be a rematch clause in there at some point.

"If Francis were to land one which he's definitely capable of, he'd knock any of those three out. They're not going to let in him ride off into the sunset."

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