‘Unlucky’ Tommy Fury trying to reschedule Jake Paul fight for early 2022

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul could finally meet in the ring in early 2022, according to Frank Warren.

The pair, who have been exchanging hostilities over social media, looked set to clash on December 18 in Tampa Bay, Florida.

However, the former Love Island star was forced to pull out of the bout when he suffered broken ribs just a week ahead of their scheduled clash.

As a result, Tyrone Woodley stepped in for Fury, and he was promptly brushed aside by a brutal-looking KO from Paul.

But Paul and Fury could be back on for early 2022, according to the boxing promoter.

"We will be looking to reschedule in early 2022," Warren recently revealed to Sky Sports.

"Jake said that Tommy Fury was 'lucky' he wasn't in there but really Tommy was extremely unlucky to miss out with his injury.

"A fit Tommy Fury is a very different proposition to Tyron Woodley."

However Paul quickly responded to the claims: Just asked my team if we have heard from the Furys, Frank Warren or Queensbury. Not a peep. Fumbles and fake fools, they are."

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Paul is still riding high after his victory, and he couldn't help but have a little dig at the Brit: "I'm ready to fight whoever. It doesn't matter if they're a professional boxer or a five-time UFC champion. I don't care.

"I'm really built for this. And no matter what I'm gonna get the job done.

"And that's what I showed tonight.

"And Tommy Fury is lucky he wasn't in there tonight. Because Tyron's way tougher, he has that experience."

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