Giants offensive coordinator Mike Kafka calling plays in practice; decision on games TBD

Improvement, plain and simple, is at the forefront for a New York Giants franchise that has strung together five consecutive losing seasons.

However, an offensive upgrade is a particular onus with former Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll taking over as head coach and former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback coach Mike Kafka coming on as offensive coordinator.

As of now, it remains to be announced who will be calling plays for the Daniel Jones-led offense as Kafka is currently handling the duties at practice, but no decision has been made for games.

“Right now in Phase 3, we’re just taking it kind of day by day,” Kafka said Thursday, via team transcript. “I’m calling the plays for the quarterbacks in practice, and then we’ll let Dabs evaluate that, and he has every right to evaluate how he wants to handle that.”

The allure of Daboll was his astounding work with the Bills and, in particular, bringing along quarterback Josh Allen from a one-man roller coaster each game to one of the finest quarterbacks in the NFL. Daboll, who called plays for the Bills, oversaw a Buffalo offense that was top two in points scored in the league and top five in yards gained in each of the last two seasons.

An argument for the offense being a bit more Kafkaesque is that he’s a product of the Andy Reid coaching tree and aided in the Chiefs’ dynamic offense, which has been top six in points and yards in each of the past six seasons.

Alas, Kafka has never called plays before, though he answered in the affirmative when asked if play-calling is a task he hopes to take on.

“Of course,” Kafka said. “I think every offensive coordinator aspires to call plays, so yes.”

Though Jones has plenty of eyeballs on him and if he can prove himself to be a franchise QB in 2022, Saquon Barkley returning to his all-star form, Kenny Golladay proving he was worth his lucrative free-agent contract and Kadarius Toney realizing his first-round potential are all offensive conundrums that the new Giants staff is tasked with figuring out in a pivotal 2022.

Thus, just who’s calling the plays during the season will continue to be a Big Blue topic of interest until Daboll makes his decision known.

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