LSU coach Brian Kelly has odd explanation (or joke?) about bad Southern accent

Brian Kelly is very good at winning college football games. The evidence: Check out his career coaching record. Those last five seasons at Notre Dame are quite impressive.

Brian Kelly is very bad at accent work. The evidence: Check out this video from one of his first public appearances as LSU’s head coach. What he does to the word “family” is truly horrifying.

So, what exactly happened there? Kelly attempted to explain his bizarre Southern accent in an interview that took place during ESPN’s broadcast of the Texas Bowl on Tuesday night. Kelly responded to a question about his viral dancing video with LSU signee Walker Howard, then addressed the infamous “family” pronunciation.

“Listen, Walker Howard is a five-star quarterback. You know that you gotta do what your quarterback asks, right?” Kelly said. “If he says, ‘You gotta dance,’ why wouldn’t you dance? Listen, whether it was dancing, or I couldn’t get my accent down with ‘family.’ Listen, I’m from Boston. We don’t have strong accents.”

Wait. I’m sorry. What was that last part? People from Boston don’t have strong accents?

There are two ways to interpret what Kelly said.

Regardless of what Kelly was trying to do, the most important takeaway here is that Kelly should focus on football and leave the Southern accent behind. No one at LSU will care how he sounds if the Tigers regain their status as a true championship contender.

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