MLB standings 2020: Updated playoff bracket, magic numbers as of Sept. 8

Sixteen of baseball’s 30 franchises will qualify for the 2020 postseason, which means every team within sniffing distance of the .500 mark will have at least a puncher’s chance of reaching October as we head into the final few weeks of September.

It’s a convoluted setup. If you want the full setup, this is your happy place. Here, we’re going to update the playoff seeds on a daily basis, so here’s the very basic seeding structure. 

The first three seeds (1-3) in each league will go to division winners, ordered by record. The second trio of seeds (4-6) goes to the second-place finishers in each division, ordered by record. The final two seeds (7-8) go to the two wild-card teams.

Got it? 

MLB standings 2020

American League playoff bracket

Standings updated after games on Sept. 8:

American League wild-card standings


National League playoff bracket

Standings updated after games on Sept. 8

National League wild-card standings


MLB magic numbers for 2020

What is a magic number? It’s the combination of games a team needs to win and/or its closest competitor needs to lose to clinch a playoff spot. The smaller the number, the better. Because of the complicated nature of the 2020 playoff field, there are separate magic numbers to clinch a division and to clinch a wild-card spot. Info comes from @MLBMagNum on Twitter. 

Updated through games of Sept. 8

AL East
Rays, 15 for division, 12 for wild-card
Blue Jays, 22/16
Yankees, 25/19
Orioles, 26/20
Red Sox, 31/25

AL Central
Twins, 18/13
Indians, 19/14
White Sox, 19/14
Tigers, 26/21
Royals, 30/25

AL West
A’s, 15/13
Astros, 24/16
Mariners, 27/21
Angels, 29/23
Rangers, 32/26

NL East
Braves, 19 for division, 15 for wild card
Phillies, 22/18
Marlins, 24/20
Mets, 24/21
Nationals, 27/24

NL Central
Cubs, 19/14
Cardinals, 25/21
Brewers, 26/22
Reds, 26/22
Pirates, 30/26

NL West
Dodgers, 13/8
Padres, 22/12
Giants, 27/17
Rockies, 29/20
Diamondbacks, 34/25

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