NFL teams set for QB battle involving Jalen Hurts and Joe Burrow

The Philadelphia Eagles have admitted that they’re looking to extend their quarterback Jalen Hurts ‘relatively soon’ with the market continuing to rise. Aaron Rodgers remains the highest paid quarterback in the league at $50million per season, but that could change when Hurts, Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Burrow and Los Angeles Chargers’ Justin Herbert sign their deals.

The 2020 draft class are now eligible to sign their long-term extensions, with teams usually waiting until their fourth year to extend their players.

However, the cap hit is set to rise exponentionally – going from $224m to $256m in 2024 – meaning players will ask for more money.

For quarterbacks like Burrow, Hurts and Herbert, they could ask for as much as $55m this time next year, and their respective means may feel that they can save money by signing them to a deal this summer.

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman has already admitted that they’re looking to extend Hurts, and will have to keep that in mind as they continue to look to build their Super Bowl roster.

He said: “We want him here long-term. It’s going to be a priority for us to extend him.

“You have to navigate the offseason understanding that we’re not going to lose our franchise quarterback with one year left on his deal.

This year, Hurts will make just $1.3m after being drafted in the second-round, with Burrow and Herbert making four times as much.

However, all three are expected to become the three highest paid quarterbacks in the league within the next few months, with Jacksonville Jaguars Trevor Lawrence also likely to garner a huge extension.

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