Nick Saban might be less tech savvy than Bill Belichick

There are few coaches with more of an old-school, dead-set focus on football than Bill Belichick.

The Patriots coach is known for his distaste and sometimes confusion regarding technology and social media, which has led to a good deal of laughs over the past decade. He famously once asked a reporter if he was on “SnapFace” and has developed a habit of throwing tablets on the sideline during games.

Alabama coach Nick Saban might somehow be even more of a technology caveman than Belichick, though. Saban apparently just started using email during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, finally relieving his wife from the longtime burden of correspondence duties.

“They were sending them all to Miss Terry, aight,” Saban told ESPN’s Maria Taylor on Wednesday. “She fired me and said, ‘I’m not dealing with your stuff anymore,’ so I had to do it on my own.”

Neither Belichick nor Saban have Instagram or Facebook accounts of their own, and they likely never will.

If Saban is figuring out email now, then he’s probably decades away from considering social media.

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