Sean Payton shares Saints offensive plays on Twitter

Over the weekend, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton replied to a tweet asking for people’s best play concepts utilizing an empty backfield with several play diagrams.

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52 All Go Special X Shallow Cross. 4 verticals or find @Cantguardmike X

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52 Nudge Ole’ HB Choice
Gotta get @A_kamara6 a touch!

Payton, who was the first known person in the NFL to test positive for COVID-19, said he was "cleared" in an interview with WWL radio on March 25, less than a week after publicly sharing his diagnosis. He added that everyone should follow the proper procedures established by health officials and the government to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

"You stay inside like everyone is doing and you find ways to pass time," Payton said.

If you’re a Super Bowl-winning coach and former AP Coach of the Year, one of those ways is taking some of your expertise to Twitter.

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352 Y Shock X Lucy

According to PFF, the Saints had the fourth-highest passer rating from an empty formation in 2019, running 85 plays from empty.

Both Drew Brees and Teddy Bridgewater completed more than 70% of passes from empty last season, according to PFF. Brees averaged 8.4 yards per attempt from empty, while Bridgewater, who will be the Carolina Panthers starting quarterback in 2020, had a 128.5 passer rating from empty in 2019.

Taysom Hill played 33 snaps last season in the empty formation, including five lined up at quarterback. Those five snaps were the Saints only five rushing attempts from the formation.

New Orleans has been in the top 10 in total offense each season since Payton joined the Saints as head coach in 2006, so this hopefully won’t be the last offensive insights he shares.

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