Azerbaijan Grand Prix LIVE: F1 latest updates as Lewis Hamilton leads Max Verstappen

Follow all the action live from the Azerbaijan Grand Prix as Charles Leclerc starts on pole at the Baku City Circuit with Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in close pursuit.

Verstappen’s victory at the Monaco Grand Prix saw the Dutchman take a four-point lead in the drivers’ standings and Red Bull looked set to increase that gap as Mercedes struggled for pace in practice. However, a “monumental” lap in qualifying saw Hamilton steal a place on the front row, despite the ongoing difficulties with his car’s tyres. “We have made so many changes over these two days,” he said. “It has been so difficult but the work overnight and between practice and qualifying was amazing. But this result puts us in a much better position for the race than we anticipated yesterday. We can take the fight to these guys tomorrow.”

A bitterly disappointed Verstappen, whose final qualifying lap was cut short after rookie Yuki Tsunoda crashed out at the third corner, will start on third, while Pierre Gasly starts in fourth. Leclerc’s Ferrari teammate, Carlos Sainz, who also crashed at turn three, is in fifth. Follow all the action live below:

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1. Vettel (yet to pit)

2. Verstappen +3.3s (one pit stop)

3. Perez +2.7s (one pit stop)

4. Hamilton +1.3s (one pit stop)

5. Stroll + 3.7s (yet to pit)

LAP 15/51: Now Hamilton is putting the pressure on Perez. “It’s much faster already,” says Hamilton on the team radio.

LAP 14/51: It gets worse for Hamilton! Now Perez pits, it’s a slower stop than Verstappen’s, but the Red Bull comes out ahead of Hamilton in third. Vettel, who is yet to pit, is our current leader.

LAP 14/51: Verstappen pits. It’s a clean one from Red Bull and the Dutchman comes out ahead of Hamilton!

“How is he so far ahead of me?!” Hamilton asks the team radio.

LAP 13/51: Frustration for Carlos Sainz after the Spaniard locks up going into Turn 3. After starting fifth the Ferrari is down in 15th.

LAP 12/51: Hamilton pits. It’s a slow stop and Hamilton drops a couple of seconds, because of Gasly coming in at the same time, and he comes out in fourth, behind Vettel.

LAP 11/51: Hamilton says on his team radio that his car is struggling. Mercedes will be pitting in the next couple of laps.

LAP 9/51: Leclerc pits. Pierre Gasly was closing the gap on the Ferrari, who comes out in 10th.

LAP 8/51: Now it’s Perez’s turn to pass Leclerc, another clean move down the pit straight.

Lando Norris has come in for an early pit stop and is 17th.

LAP 6/51: There is it, Verstappen gets past Leclerc on the same straight Hamilton moved up into first. As Leclerc warned before the race, the Ferrari was just lacking the straight-line speed of the Mercedes and Red Bull. The title challengers are first and second in the race.

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