EXCLUSIVE: Robert Kubica sends safety warning in Mercedes and Toto Wolff swipe

Mercedes: What’s gone wrong at the F1 and can they recover?

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Robert Kubica has appeared to hit back at Mercedes and Toto Wolff for pushing for regulation changes to porpoising issues. The Silver Arrows has struggled with bouncing all season with Wolff appearing to call for changes at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix last weekend.

George Russell has also been vocal on the porpoising issues, warning something will happen to a driver on the grid if no action is taken. However, Kubica has claimed “safety shouldn’t be used to gain performance” in an apparent swipe at Mercedes’ consistent push for rules changes.

The Alfa Romeo reserve driver has called on engineers to “find a compromise” themselves but stressed teams were not making changes as they were desperate to not lose performance.

Speaking to Express Sport, he said: “The solution is very very simple, in the end we went in this direction at the beginning of the year, we just raised the car and we eliminated the porpoising. There’s always a thin line between safety which is fundamental. But safety shouldn’t be used to gain performance and technical advantage by someone who is struggling to accept that he has to raise the car.

“I think it’s always a balance between performance and safety. I know if we go within different ride heights we will have more performance but we will suffer porpoising. So it is up to us to decide where we want to be and how much risk or how much we want to go into this problem.

“I struggle to believe that in F1 there are teams that cannot solve their issue… It’s just that they will lose performance. In the end we are here, it is a tough championship, it is a complex tool, a racing car and you need to find your compromises.”

The FIA has taken action ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix with a new technical directive issued to teams as a short-term fix to the problems.

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This will see the FIA take a closer look at the planks and skids on the cars. The FIA will also set up a defined metric to record an acceptable amount of oscillations teams must follow

This is expected to stop teams from running their cars lower to the ground in a bid to gain performance instead of focussing on driver safety.

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