George Russell offers Lewis Hamilton cheeky suggestion over jewellery ban controversy

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George Russell has jokingly told his Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton to get married, so he can wear jewellery on the circuit. The seven-time world champion has faced plenty of scrutiny since Miami, when he threatened to boycott the race if he was told to remove his personal items before racing.

He said: “We have a spare driver. There’s lots to do in the city, I’ll be good either way.”

Hamilton has since altered his stance, agreeing to remove his earrings but still, he claims he cannot remove his nose studs without surgery.

That’s when Hamilton was handed a two-race exemption, before being told he needed to find solutions before Monaco.

It appears nothing has changed since the dialogue, with Hamilton’s exemption set to expire after this weekend’s Barcelona Grand Prix.

“I haven’t had any discussions with anybody since the last time I spoke on Sunday of the last race,” Hamilton said.

“What I am aware of is that those who are married are allowed to wear their wedding ring.”

His comments prompted Russell to joke: “You just need to get married, then.”

To which Hamilton responded: “No, you first.”

Hamilton’s argument is that there are far more important matters for the F1 hierarchy to be tackling.

He also outlined his intentions to hold talks with FIA president Mohammed bin Sulayem over the issue, which threatens to cause further disruptions to his season.

“It seems unnecessary to get into this. I am here to be an ally of the sport – we have bigger fish to fry,” Hamilton said in Miami.

Sky Sports reporter Ted Kravitz has since sided with Hamilton, claiming it’s not as simple as people think to remove the personal items.

“He’s taken his earrings out but he can’t take out his nose [stud] and we thought he was going to have minor surgery to take out the nose [stud],” Kravitz explained on his Notebook show.

“Hamilton’s now saying, having been given two races’ grace, here (Miami) and in Barcelona, that he will not take out his nose [stud].

“He doesn’t want to, doesn’t think it’s something the FIA should be doing, so it looks like the war between Hamilton and the FIA continues.

“Is he going to rack up fines when we get to Monaco and he hasn’t taken it out because the hole has closed up? It’s not as easy as him being able to just take it out like he can his earrings.”

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