Lewis Hamilton’s boss Toto Wolff considering unprecedented risky move in 2022

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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has suggested F1 could counter the ever-growing race calendar by making crew rotation mandatory, in a potentially risky move for Lewis Hamilton’s title challenge. Wolff has called on F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali to make a move that would allow eager junior staff to give senior crew members a break.

The 2022 F1 season will be the most hectic in history, with 23 planned Grand Prix weekends and an increase in Sprint Qualifying events.

It will result in many team members being away from home and their families for months on end.

Such an extreme situation has prompted F1 figures to work out a solution, considering the current mandatory budget cap means teams are financially incapable of rotating crews or using relief crews.

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In what would be a huge risk to Hamilton’s title hunt, Wolff has sparked the bold idea of taking inexperienced junior engineers to races in 2022 and leaving senior engineers at home.

He told the media: “We have a lot of young engineers in every area that are not yet on the battlefield life because there is a senior there that is the best in the group.

“But maybe that’s an opportunity and actually putting them in the hot seat and putting a ceiling on to the race attendance.

“Whatever it is, maybe we take 20 races, and there are three races that you need to bring somebody else in, but obviously that the detail lies in the devil [sic].


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“But similarly, what I’ve said before on young drivers, that could be an attempt to reduce the strain on particularly mechanics, all the people that work in logistics, and the engineers.”

Wolff suggested F1 should consider making crew rotation mandatory to help manage the ‘enormous’ strain inflicted by the current workload.

“I think that we have the best man in charge to balance between income and workload with Stefano,” Wolff added.

“He has been on the other side running a team. He has been involved in the logistics in his early days.

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“He knows the strain on the people, and that strain is enormous, particularly on the mechanics that need to be there much earlier, take the garage down, not always travelling as comfortably as all of us, and that needs to be taken into consideration.

“We have a rotational scheme in there already to get a little bit of the pressure off.

“But I believe that, maybe, we can come up with some innovative thinking and make rotation mandatory, if it is within what we can afford.”

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