Mercedes car so bumpy Lewis Hamilton fears dental fillings will come out

Lewis Hamilton has revealed his W13 Mercedes car is so 'bumpy' that he fears 'dental fillings' could well come out whilst driving around the Circuit of the Americas track. Hamilton and the rest of his Formula 1 rivals are back in action at the United States Grand Prix this week.

It has been a below-par campaign for the Englishman, with the Mercedes man yet to secure a win leaving him on course for his first ever winless season in F1. One of the key problems for Hamilton in 2022 is the struggles with his car.

And there is no signs of things getting any easier for the seven-time world champion in the latter stages of the campaign, with his vehicle woes continuing out in the States.

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Speaking after Friday's practice session Hamilton said: "I came here after Montreal and I drove last year’s car and it was so good. I remember getting out and just beaming from ear to ear because it was so smooth and had good downforce, good power.

"This year obviously we lost a bit of power with the biofuels. The car is so stiff now. Coming and driving the car, luckily I don’t actually have many [dental] fillings because, if I did, they would have all come out this year, for sure.

"It’s just so, so bumpy. I’m really praying for a non-bumpy car next year." Porpoising as it is known has been a real dent in Mercedes' armour in 2022, with this weekend not the first time Hamilton has struggled with the problem.

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In order to make things somewhat easier in Texas this weekend, the Mercedes car has undergone an upgrade leaving Hamilton with at least some optimism heading into Sunday's race.

He commented: "Firstly, I’m super grateful to everyone back at the factory for working so hard and bringing us the upgrade for this weekend.

"It’s been a tough year for everyone at the factory, and for them to continuously be pushing and keeping their heads out and pulling out these new pieces, I’m super grateful."


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