The Race All-Star Esports Battle live stream: How to watch F1 drivers in virtual race

The third edition of the All-Star Esports Battle takes place today following the success of the first two races. The virtual series was created by The Race and Torque Esports due to the F1 calendar being disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak.

Darren Cox, president and CEO of Torque Esports, said: “It’s obviously a terrible circumstance but we’re really trying to make sure that the community out there is served and distracted from the difficulties that we’ve got outside our door.

“This whole stay-at-home economy is absolutely booming and obviously gaming is part of that.”

One of the biggest draws for the All-Star Esports Battle is that it pits real-world drivers against the leading sim drivers.

Ex-F1 and Formula E star Nelson Piquet Jr said: “I’ve had a simulator at home for many years but I’ve never really played seriously.

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“It was more for a bit of fun with friends, but nothing close to a professional sim race. All the races going on at the moment are way more competitive than I am used to.

“A simulator is a complicated thing; it’s not just a plug and play situation. There are so many set-ups and variations and a thousand different steering wheels, seats and computers you could choose from.

“I’ve been learning so much even the last couple of days that I’ve probably learnt more this week than in the last three years!

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“It’s fantastic that it’s bringing the racing community together. You get to know some drivers that maybe you hadn’t come across in the past and everyone is getting together and doing fun activities online.

“The motorsport community isn’t that big but there’s still people that you might not know that well and we’re getting to know each other more and people are helping each other out. We love racing so what it’s doing is providing some fun in tough times and it’s helping us be united.

“If you look at the eSports race from last weekend that I was involved with, The Race All-Star Esports Battle, in the final the top six were all professional sim racers, with a ‘real world’ racer coming seventh.

“A lot of these guys have relationships with racing teams in Formula One and Formula E and provide helpful work on simulator development. They’re impressive people.”

What time does the All-Star Esports Battle start?

The All-Star Esports Battle will take place following the conclusion of the Legends Trophy.

The Esports event is scheduled to get underway from 4pm GMT.

How to live stream All-Star Esports Battle

Fans can watch the virtual race via a live stream on The Race’s YouTube channel.

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