Gladys meme sparks State of Origin firestorm

As the State of Origin series kicks off, there is plenty on the line for punters and the states themselves.

While state pride — and plenty of punters’ cash — rides on the result, arguably the biggest bets come from the state leaders.

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Traditionally the Premiers of NSW and Queensland have a bet, going from hanging on the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Story Bridge, or Queensland forcing then-Premier Mike Baird to wear a Maroons jersey on parliament floor.

And with Queensland having won last year with the “worst team” in Origin history, you couldn’t blame the NSW Premier from being worried about Queensland doing it yet again with Queensland winning 13 of the last 15 series’.

Despite it being four hours before the 8.10pm kick-off time, Ms Berejiklian posted on social media that she was "getting ready for Game 1. Go the @NSWBlues”, alongside a picture that was instant meme fuel.

No doubt she has some more important things to deal with after NSW listed 10 new Covid exposure sites after Melbourne woman who left lockdown and tested positive to Covid-19 in Queensland made several stops along the way in regional NSW.

Shot from behind, Ms Berejiklian is facing one of the smallest TVs possible decked out in a Blues beanie and holding a Coke, it was just asking for the meme treatment.

Some stayed with the original, even comparing it to a famous scene from The Office.

The size of this TV also reminds me of this hilarious scene from the Office. #Origin

Thank you for defending our great state always

This is disturbing.

Gladys, you’ll strain your eyes watching from that distance.

good to see pollies getting hype for Origin like the rest of us: standing still on the spot for four whole hours, staring at a tiny plasma screen too far away, moving only her left arm to replace the cans of Coke Zero she is chugging ceaselessly

We need another photo of a politician watching a sports match awkwardly
Gladys: Hold my No-sugar Coke

Look Gladys is one of us. She also watches the State of Origin a few hours early in a brown room on a tiny TV drinking a coke.

But it very quickly shifted, placing the NSW premier in other memes and historic events.

She could also become the new Bernie Sanders inauguration meme.

'Gladys watches things' should be the new Bernie meme

Gladys Berejiklian watches NYE 2015 unfold in Manchester, UK

But ABC Sport journo Evan Morgan Grahame took the cake, posting a template and adding a bunch more “What is Gladys waiting for?” memes.

Here are just a few.

Getting ready to watch Eric 'the Eel' Moussambani compete for Equatorial Guinea at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Go eric !

Getting ready to kill the Lord of the Nazgûl, sometimes known as the Witch-king of Angmar. I am no man !

You’ve got to love Origin.

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