Northern Territory puts hand up to become an AFL hub

The Northern Territory could host up to six AFL teams at once to play a series of games against each other in a concept floated to the AFL if the season gets underway without crowds later in 2020.

AFLNT CEO Stuart Totham said the idea had merit, however, he said with so much uncertainty surrounding when games might resume it would only happen if the circumstances made it right for the AFL.

Could Darwin’s TIO Stadium become an AFL hub if the season restarts?Credit:Getty Images

The NT government has lent cautious support to the idea and Totham said up to six clubs could be accommodated at one time.

"I think it has got some legs," Totham said.

"Logistically there would be a few things to work through but all these could be overcome."

The AFL has played two games for premiership points in the Northern Territory for most of the decade with Melbourne playing an annual game in Alice Springs.

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