Aaron Wan-Bissaka tells kids NHS staff are the real heroes – not footballers

Aaron Wan-Bissaka has paid tribute to NHS staff and hailed them as the country's real heroes.

The Manchester United defender knows footballers are revered by many as heroes and idols, but said that status should belong to NHS workers working tirelessly to fight coronavirus and save lives.

“A lot of kids look at footballers as heroes,” said Wan-Bissaka.

“But hopefully now they can see that heroes aren’t necessarily just the ones they see on TV every day.

“Everyone can see now what NHS and frontline workers are doing for us all.

“My best friend’s mum works for the NHS, so I’ve been well aware for a long time of the hours they put in to save lives.

“It’s non-stop, they literally hardly get any time to sleep or rest and they’re doing it for society.

“Now we’ve got to keep giving them all the help and praise we can, because we can see the work that they’re putting in for everyone to get us all through this crisis together.

“While these heroes are out risking themselves for everyone else, for us footballers the situation is the same as it is for everyone else.

“Stay inside, stay safe and we will give ourselves the best chance of getting back to normal sooner rather than later.

“These are strange times for all footballers, but obviously I know we don’t have it that hard in comparison to a lot of people.

“We all recognise that, which I think has been reflected in the charity work we’ve been doing during lockdown.”

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