Ancelotti details how long it will take for Everton stars to be ready for action

Carlo Ancelotti has claimed Premier League players will be ready to play again with a fortnight's notice.

Top-flight football has been suspended since March 9 because of the coronavirus.

A Premier League meeting will be held today to discuss pushing back the current April 30 target for re-starting the Premier League.

Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne has called for the current season to be scrapped for fear of players suffering injuries on a resumption of play.

But Everton manager Ancelotti said: "One of the important things is that all clubs re-start training at the same time so there is no disparities and no-one can take advantage. After that, it doesn't matter how long the break is.

"Players nowadays are capable of being ready in 15 days. It is a long time to be away by a player will have no problem playing in a match after seven or eight weeks.

"Obviously, he will not be at 100% from the start but they are capable, there is no doubt. All the teams will be on the same footing. Everyone will train by playing."

The Italian added: "Of course I miss football. I like to coach, I like to watch matches, it is normal, But despite all this, football is not my priority at the moment.

"In fact, I couldn't care less if we are going to start again in June, July or August. Really.

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