Championship makes provisional plans to return from coronavirus delay on 13 June

The Championship has made provisional plans to return on 13 June, with a two to three week training period beforehand, after the latest round of talks between the EFL and government.

If all goes well and an agreement is reached, it would see the English second tier likely return a week before the Premier League, and could yet prove influential on the top division’s return.

The various parties engaged in “positive” talks on Thursday, according to Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Oliver Dowden, and it has led to the Championship pressing ahead with provisional plans to return in a month.

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A majority of clubs are said to be in favour of the decision.

Whether it will get the agreement of the players remains to be seen, especially since a sticking point with the Premier League has been the captains and managers insisting on at least four weeks of training to get up to speed, amid other health concerns. Talks on that are set to continue over the next week.

All have been made aware of the financial pressure of not playing, though, which is why it is felt all will eventually play.

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