Comolli believes only THREE clubs will be able to pay transfer fees

Damien Comolli believes only THREE Premier League clubs will be able to afford paying transfer window fees as former Tottenham and Liverpool recruitment chief expects most top-flight clubs to focus on free transfers

  • Damien Comolli conducted Luis Suarez’s transfer from Ajax to Liverpool in 2011 
  • But the Frenchman believes very few clubs will be available to afford player fees 
  • Comolli did not name the clubs who could spend despite the coronavirus crisis 
  • But Liverpool and the Manchester clubs could have an upper hand this summer 
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The majority of Premier League clubs will be unable to spend money on transfers this summer due to the coronavirus crisis, according to former Tottenham and Liverpool recruitment chief Damien Comolli.

With the dates for the transfer window still unclear, Comolli believes most clubs are focusing their attention on free transfers – and he expects only three top-flight English clubs to be able to pay fees.

While Comolli – who conducted deals to sign Gareth Bale and Luka Modric for Tottenham, and Luis Suarez for Liverpool – did not name the trio, the financial might of Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool may give them an edge on the rest.

 Damien Comolli says most Premier League clubs will be unable to spend money on transfers

Comolli has conducted many transfers in his career, including Luis Suarez’s move to Liverpool

He said: ‘I think only a very small handful of Premier League clubs will be able to spend any money in the window. I gave the number of three and I stand by this. The market will be dead [in the] summer and probably for a couple of transfer windows.

‘When the chairman of Burnley says they’re going to lose £50million…how will it be possible for clubs to spend significant money on transfers when the losses they will suffer are so big. Clubs are quite aggressively chasing free transfers but they know they have to be creative.

‘Rather than cash going from one side to another, we might see player [exchanges] or cash plus players.’

Comolli’s last job was with Turkish giants Fenerbahce, where he resigned in January. He has watched with interest as leagues across Europe explore ways of returning to action.

The financial might of European champions Liverpool may give them an edge in the summer

Manchester City and rivals Manchester United’s financial might could also help them out

The Frenchman believes that only financial concerns are pushing clubs to try to complete 2019-20, though he says every effort must be made to do so, otherwise many may go out of business.

He told the BBC’s World Football programme: ‘I know how important it is for clubs to restart the season from a financial point of view.

‘I was talking to someone in Italy a couple of days ago and they say that if the league doesn’t restart they expect maybe 10 or 12 clubs going bust in Serie A. All the business model is based on TV money.

‘If it was not a question of survival for the vast majority of clubs in Europe, the most sensible, logical thing would be to stop the season but we should do everything possible to play.

‘If it’s not doable then so be it, it’s not doable but I don’t think we should give up that easily. We owe it to the fans, the public and the whole industry to do everything we can.’

 But Comolli expects the majority of top-flight clubs to be looking out for free transfers

Comolli said he was told 12 Serie A clubs could go bust if the league season is not completed


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