Coronavirus: Watford players agree squad wage deferral

Watford have reached an agreement with their players over a squad wage deferral due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision comes after club captain Troy Deeney led discussions between several senior members of the first-team squad and club officials.

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Chairman club CEO Scott Duxbury said: “We are grateful to the players for recognising the importance of the situation and for their support of this fantastic club.

“It is a show of unity which we know our supporters and the wider Watford community will appreciate, and shows an awareness of the need for everybody to pull together in these incredibly challenging times.

“We can be proud of the players for taking this step. They recognised they have a role to play and didn’t hesitate in taking a decision for the overall good of the club.”

Deeney added: “It’s been sensible conversations going on for a few weeks now; between players and then me as that bridge as captain with Scott.

“Nobody, wherever they work, is keen on the idea of a pay cut, so there’s a bit of common sense and a good level of understanding has prevailed to get to a pay deferral over the short term.”

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