Cristiano Ronaldo’s mum discharged from hospital after suffering stroke

Cristiano Ronaldo has shared a picture on social media of his mother after she was released from hospital after suffering a stroke.

The Juventus attacker, who is currently on lockdown owing to the coronavirus pandemic, shared an image, in the caption saying that he was "feeling thankful" to have mother Dolores back with him after her health scare two weeks earlier.

The mother-of-four, along with her son and two daughters, Elma and Katia, was pictured, with a caption which read: "Feeling very thankful to have my mum home from hospital and recovering.

"Look after your family and loved ones. #stayhomesavelives."

The 65-year-old was taken ill a fortnight ago with a suspected ischemic stroke, on March 3, owing to a blood clot in her brain – but luckily the medical staff at Nelio Mendonca Hospital in Madeira were able to save her life.

After being rushed to hospital she took to Instagram to say that she was now “recovering well” and there were no complications nor any lasting effects.

Despite reports saying he was not allowed to visit his mother because of the coronavirus, Ronaldo, in fact, able to, and he did so wearing highly protective clothing.

Ronaldo is part of the Juventus side that banded together to take a wage cut amid the current coronavirus crisis.

The Portugal international is reported to be hit the hardest by this, as he will miss out on £3.5million of his annual salary.

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