England fans beg Gareth Southgate to bring player in he’s reluctant to test

England supporters are begging Gareth Southgate to bring in one of the most highly-rated defenders in Serie A to the starting XI.

AC Milan’s Fikayo Tomori was omitted by the Three Lions' manager in their Nations League loss to Italy on Friday. This is despite the former Chelsea defender being one of the brightest prospects in the ranks. And owing to the form of those who took his place, fans are asking just why that is.

One wrote online: “Pretty crazy tomori still doesn’t start for england went he’s the best defender they have.” Another said: “It’s 2022 but maguire and dier start over tomori?”

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A third scathed: “There are surely very few people on the planet that think Harry Maguire is better than Fikayo Tomori. Unfortunately, one of those people is the England manager.”

One wrote: “At least Tomori is in the squad. But the Southgate blindspot is remarkable. How is Tomori on the bench in his stadium against forwards he's played against?!”

Another commented: "How Harry Maguire is starting over Tomori or Coady is beyond me.."

Indeed, Southgate lined up with Harry Maguire and Eric Dier in England’s loss to the Italians – that’s despite the latter even being dropped by Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag.

The decision has baffled some supporters, who felt that Southgate should have picked his team based on form rather than their reputation and prior performances in an England shirt.

Tomori still has a chance to get a run out during the international break – when England get a chance to face off against their Euro 2020 rivals Germany.

But question marks remain over Southgate and his rather conservative approach to setting up England. Many feel as though the side, which is brimming with talent, is not being made the best of and the manager should even be sacked.

With the World Cup just weeks away, there have even been some calls for a change, replacing Southgate with a more 'progressive' manager.


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