Ex-Arsenal full-back Stephan Lichtsteiner becomes a watchmaker trainee

Watch this space! Former Arsenal and Juventus full-back Stephan Lichtsteiner embarks on new career as a watchmaker trainee with ex-footballer determined ‘to do something productive’ in retirement

  • Stephan Lichtsteiner enjoyed a lucrative career as a professional footballer 
  • He represented Juventus and Arsenal and was also captain for Switzerland
  • Having retired, Lichtsteiner went back to school to ‘do something productive’ 
  • The former full-back has been taken on as a trainee by a watchmaking company 

Former Arsenal, Juventus and Switzerland’s defender Stephan Lichtsteiner has decided to keep busy in retirement – by training to become a watchmaker.

Lichtsteiner, who made 108 appearances for the Swiss national side, has started an internship lasting up to six months at Zurich firm Maurice de Mauriac.

‘I want to do something productive,’ the 37-year-old said from the watchmaking workshop on Friday.

Stephan Lichtsteiner has retrained as a watchmaker and has landed a job as an apprentice

The former Swiss full-back enjoyed a glittering playing career but wants to remain productive

Lichsteiner is hoping to make one watch in his six-month apprenticeship which can be sold off

‘If you are a banker… you can do that for all your life, but if you are a footballer once you hit your mid 30s, you have to find something else to do.’

He said he would make a watch during his internship that would be sold off for charity. 

After that, he was open to the idea of becoming a full-time watchmaker but hadn’t decided for sure and might still go back to sport.

‘I see some similarities to football,’ he added.

He wants to sell a watch he makes with the money then going to help a charity of his choosing

‘In football if not all the team is perfect you will not win. It’s the same with a watch, if everything is not perfectly in place the watch is not going to work.’

The company’s owners, Leonard and Massimo Dreifuss, said they were delighted to have Lichtsteiner onboard as their first trainee.

‘We had lots of applications but Stephan was the most enthusiastic,’ said art director Leonard Dreifuss.

‘We are aiming for a long-term partnership and will move step by step,’ added CEO Massimo Dreifuss, when asked if Lichtsteiner would invest in the company.

The brothers said they first met Lichtsteiner at a business talk near Zurich in October.

Lichtsteiner had a spell in the Premier League with Arsenal (left) but spent much of his career in Italy with Juventus (right) where he went on to win seven Serie A titles 

The full-back captained Switzerland during his career (pictured at the 2018 Russia World Cup)

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