Ex-Arsenal star Jens Lehmann issues fresh apology over leaked racist comment

Disgraced ex- Arsenal star Jens Lehmann has issued a fresh apology after being sacked by Hertha Berlin.

The former goalkeeper, 51, was dismissed from his position on the club's board after leaked texts showed he called Sky pundit Dennis Aogo a 'token black guy'.

He wrote: “An impression has been given by a private message from my mobile phone to Dennis Aogo for which I apologised to Dennis about in a conversation.

“As a former national team player he is very expert, has great presence and brings ratings (Quote) to Sky.”

Lehmann issued an apology on Wednesday but has doubled down, taking to Twitter to again say sorry for the offensive comments.

"After yesterday it is very important for me to comment on my message to Dennis Aogo," he tweeted.

"Anyone who knows me knows that this formulation was not seriously meant, thoughtless stupidity that has nothing to do with my personal attitude."

Lehmann's message comes after he initially apologised on the social media and to German publication Bild.

“I’ve already phoned Dennis and asked him for forgiveness if what I said came over as disrespectful,” he said on Wednesday morning.

“It was not meant that way at all, it was meant positively. Because he is very knowledgeable and strong in his appearances as a Sky expert. And so he has increased the ratings. That's what I wanted to say, but I expressed it badly.”

Lehmann was sacked immediately after the leaked messages came to light.

“Such statements are in no way representative of the values that Hertha BSC stands for. We distance ourselves from all forms of racism and welcome the action taken by TENNOR Holding," Hertha said.

Lehmann made 200 appearances in two stints with Arsenal before retiring from football in 2011.

The German also coached at the Gunners after hanging up his boots.

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