Gary Lineker trolls Piers Morgan after Donald Trump unfollows him on Twitter

Gary Lineker has poked fun at Piers Morgan after the broadcaster was unfollowed on Twitter by Donald Trump.

The former Britain's got Talent judge and the US President have long been friends with Morgan defending Trump on several issues.

Trump is particularly active on Twitter as he offers updates on his and the the country's activity.

But he took issue with a column Morgan wrote in the Daily Mail which criticised his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

52,400 people have died in the US because of the virus with 927,000 contracting it.

Morgan claimed that Trump's theories were going to result in more deaths and he has been shunned by the president.

Lineker and Morgan are often trolling each other for their differing views on a wide range of topics.

And the former Tottenham and Barcelona striker has wasted no time in mocking the well known Arsenal fan.

He said: "I know it’s probably too soon. I know you thought he was a friend. I know your heart is breaking. I know how hurt you feel now. I know hard this is for you, but I know you will get through it. I know you won’t want to hear this: but you know you’ll be a better man without him."

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