Georginio Wijnaldum picks his perfect midfielder with Soccer AM’s Tubes

The passing ability and skills of which players would Georginio Wijnaldum pick for his perfect midfielder? He reveals all to Soccer AM’s Tubes…

The Liverpool midfielder was given the task of picking one player for each skill that makes up a talented midfielder, but the person he chose could not be repeated.

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Read on to see who Wijnaldum picked or click play above to watch…

Passing ability of… Steven Gerrard

What a player he was. I think he had everything, which is why he was one of the best midfielders who ever played in the game. He played for Liverpool so that’s why I choose him.

Strength of… Clarence Seedorf

What a monster he was and still is now. There was a picture on social media where you saw how fit he still was. I think it was on the beach that picture and you could see how fit and strong he is even after his career, hopefully I will have that also.

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May 23, 2020, 10:00am

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Engine of… James Milner

His engine is unbelievable. I see it in the games and in training, the way he plays and how fit he is. I hope I can reach that level too. He’s non-stop, I have to say when you play against him, it’s really tough because Milner is the type of player who will never stop giving everything so you always have to be 100 per cent concentrated and have to give every time 100 per cent otherwise you will lose from him. He’s a really tough competitor.

Football brain of… Xavi

He was unbelievable. I think him and [Andres] Iniesta were the two who, when they were together, were unbelievable. He was a good player and the brain of Barcelona.

Skill of… Andrea Pirlo

What a player. You can play him every ball in big spaces, tiny spaces, he always had the solution for that situation. His first touch was unreal, that’s why I chose him.

Leadership of… Jordan Henderson

I’ve played with a few players who have great leadership, I have to say Kevin Strootman and Jordan Henderson were, I think, above the other ones. Mark Van Bommel was also a good leader and a good captain, but out of the three of them, I have to chose Henderson.

It can be annoying [when he is motivating players on the pitch], but if you think about why he’s doing it, it’s only to help you as a person and the team so if you think about it in that way, you always appreciate it so we are really happy with the way Henderson is.

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